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A Recovery Program Designed for Any & ALL Ages!  
Addiction is no respector of age.
With addictive Rx drugs, there are many senior citizens affected.
With Dangerous Addictive Rx Drugs being Overprescribed,
the Face of Addiction has Radically Changed to Include Anyone.

by telling you that you have some theorized disease,
or that your recovery will never end, or that you will relapse, or that you need 12 steps,
or that you need a sponsor!  Of those that subscribe to those lies, only 1%-4% ever recover.  
Wouldn't you rather be a winner than a loser in the war against your addiction?  You can!  
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No Steps!    No Disease Theories!   No Disrespect!    No Sponsors!   No Labels!   No Condemnation!     

With Jesus Christ, you CAN go from Recovery to Being FULLY Recovered so that you can Move Forward with your Life!!

​​Therefore if the Son sets you FREE, ​​​
you shall be FREE  indeed​​​​​

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John 8:36

​The Holy Bible

Currently we work with you Online & by Phone, with 24/7 Contact. 
In the near Future, we will be  working  In  House  too!

We work with you now through our Virtual Retreat - online and by phone - with 24/7 contact.
In the near future, you will have the option of working with us through the doors of Victory Retreat Monana on location!  We are able to work anywhere in the USA & Canada from the comfort of your home.

MISSION​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​
Our Mission​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ is taking addiction recovery through to it's completion! 
We engage methodology that breathes hope, healing and encouragement into hurting people. 
Broken lives can heal for a lifetime - all by the love, power and salvation
through Jesus Christ, the Great Physician, who took upon Himself the sins of the world....... yes, addiction too!

Victory Retreat Montana (VRM), is an arm of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc - a ministry that was founded in 2011 for the purpose of providing Christian help and support to those of you who are affected and challenged by addiction. Our outreach is to both you and your family members. We are there for you, on a one-to-one basis, by phone and online, with 24/7 text and email support. It's 100% confidential. In essence, you will have a partner as you travel through the levels of your recovery.  

Victory Retreat Montana is currently a virtual retreat, where anyone can participate from almost any English speaking country; however, it  will also expand into being the future home of a motivational physical retreat where people who live locally can find refuge, purpose and hope in more of a group setting. While we are not giving up our current ministry of working with people by phone and online, we are going to be expanding by opening a day retreat here in Montana as well.  After a few years of our day retreat's success, our plans are to then expand to having an additional residential retreat which will serve people all over the country.  

Biblical promises and principles provide the fuel for your progress. We firmly believe that addiction is a symptom and result of your brokenness and despair, so we work on its root causes in your life.  It's different for everyone.   We try hard to bring joy to your recovery experience, as adventure and self discovery unfold. Recovery will be a beautiful awakening for you.  Recovery with VRM is where God's presence is found and healing takes place. All of our work with you is Christ centered. We firmly believe that each one of you should have choices in your recovery, which especially includes those of you who love Jesus or those of you who want to know Him.

Before you go surfing for recovery programs again, please be sure to Click Here          first to find out more before you leave us today.  We know that you're not here by any accident.  Whether it's with us or with someone else, have all the facts.

We do NOT subscribe to the disease theory, 12 steps, relapse theories, or the adage that says, 'once an addict always an addict'.  Addiction is simply a wrong turn on the road of despair. You are not diseased and you shouldn't have expectations of relapse.  We have a fresh new outlook that is redefining addiction and its treatment.  We have chosen a path that leads to a close walk with Jesus Christ.  We stand on the Word of God for answers.  God says, "When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed".  If you believe that God speaks Truth, then a life of addiction freedom can be yours.  As Christians, we believe in what God says and we take Him at His word.  We have developed a unique methodology for you so that you can have your freedom.  Our methods engage God and His Biblical foundations. If Jesus Christ and His promises are truly embraced, studied and lived, there is hope and healing for you that leads to an addiction free life.  We are non-denominational, doctrinally sound and Biblically based. We simply focus on the 'Manual' for living life - the Holy Bible - the true 'Big Book'.  It is your right to choose your road to recovery.

For those of you who live in Northwest Montana, we extend to you our invitation to contact us about our upcoming day retreat.  Perhaps it will be to your liking.  You'll be able to meet others from all walks of recovery.  It will be a non-clinical Biblical alternative to the conventional rehabs that are in existence today. This is a place of retreat, where people who have had the challenges of addiction, learn how to stay sober through specialized Christian life coaching, Biblical counseling, workshops, Biblical studies in a classroom setting, the Teen Challenge's PSNC Curriculum (We are Teen Challenge Certified Teachers),  motivational speakers,  prevention awareness, mentoring and paying it forward.
To all of you, we want you to know and understand God's Power in your life and how Jesus can and does make a difference in overcoming your addiction, without the stigma of thinking you have some incurable disease. When fully embraced, addiction can be a thing of the past.  As you're aware, too many are enslaved, tortured and disabled from addiction and all too many needlessly die prematurely; we don't want that to happen to you! In the US, prescription drugs alone (Opiates and Benzodiazepines) are responsible for killing 1 American every 19 minutes. This needs to stop.  We offer you something refreshingly new and filled with hope. The fact remains that when you are told that you have an incurable disease, your mind becomes programmed to ongoing disability and 'relapse'. Your mind affects your body and so you believe that you can't heal and nothing changes. On the other hand, when your mind is offered hope and healing and with God in the mix, you will more than likely heal and move forward with a productive and satisfying life. If we are correct in our research and practical work, we believe it is worth giving us a chance to save and restore your life.  It is our hope that you feel this way too. Your life matters. God created you to be exactly who you are and we want you to experience that life. Addiction takes you and your loved ones hostage.  Jesus wants to set you free. Isn't it time to invite the Great Physician, the God of all creation, into your recovery?

Dina, the co-founder of this ministry, suffered a near death and a psychotic break from an addiction that was the direct result of followed prescribed treatment.  She was given a total of 12 dangerous and addictive drugs to be taken as needed for chronic pain resulting from 3 accidents.  Despite her questioning this type of treatment, the treatment was told to her to be 'safe'.  The combination of those drugs, led her to a massive accidental overdose and to have to fight for her life in the cardiac care unit of a major hospital.  When she miraculously survived and had a  better understanding of what had happened to her, she knew her complete healing would come from Jesus Christ Himself and not a conventional wordly rehab.  So, she was bound and determined that her faith in her Lord and Savior was going to pull her out, and it did. Faith in Jesus heals! God restored her completely. She has never used or wanted to use drugs again. That was back in 2007.  Dina has termed the type of addiction that she went through, as an Unintentional Addiction, as she never sought it out - it came to her during the course of medical care, when she was seeking relief from severe and chronic back pain. Her husband, Bill, who is a pastor, works to educate family members on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of the insidious prescription drug addiction in their spouses and other loved ones. He realizes now that had someone eductated him while his wife was being treated, things may have gone a completely different way for Dina; however, "we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." And so, through a great deal of suffering and near death,  this ministry was born.

Since 2007, Dina combined her knowledge as a nurse for almost 30 years, with new certifications in the field of addiction. She learned all aspects of addiction, not only prescription drug addiction.  Bill soon followed and became educated in the same areas. In January of 2017, Bill and Dina made the prayerful decision that it is time to add a unique spiritual day rehabilitation retreat to their online virtual one. The planning phase will soon turn into the reality of a physical day retreat that will eventually lead to a residential one as well.  

We have chosen to reach out to you to bring healing, hope and purpose.  Whether you take part in our virtual experience or our phsyical retreat, we believe your journey will be exciting and uplifting.  We want a transformational experience for you, where you will have renewal and find purpose.  It is our hope and prayer that you will regain emotional strength, stability, build up your self esteem, learn new life skills, and begin to enjoy God's gift of life. Soon, the PSNC Teen Challenge curriculum will be integrated into your Victory Retreat Montana experience, with both Bill and Dina being certified Instructors. While we are not a Teen Challenge Facility, we are honored to be allowed to incorporate their world renown PSNC studies in our program for you. 

Will you take a moment and give us a call or send us an email?  Your addiction won't and can't go away on it's own.  I think you know that.  You may have even tried to do it on your own and found out that you couldn't. Your life just isn't life anymore and you are praying that someone would just make it go away for you.  We can help coach you through a victorious recovery.   Give yourself a moment to speak  with one of us.  Perhaps, this will be a life changing day.   

Perhaps you ended up here. . . . . . .

There's a reason why you ended up here on this site.  There are no coincidences in life.  Could it be to help in some way?  Please check out (below) how you can help us to continue to minister to people in addiction - by phone and online, at no cost, and also on-site where you can help take our new day retreat from conception to completion. . . . . . .
Will you prayerfully consider donating?  Your tax deductable donations will go towards start-up costs for our new day retreat and tuition for people who cannot afford our program's modest  participation cost. Our hope is to be able to provide free tuition for as many as possible. In order to do this, we truly need your help! Right after detox is the most critical window of time when newly recovering people need help and support.  We don't want anyone to have to wait. Unfortunately, waiting for these vulnerable people can mean more suffering and death.

May the Lord richly bless you!  The 'DONATE' buttons are located at the footer of each page. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and all donations are 100% tax deductable.
Victory Retreat Montana is a testimony to God as to His healing power, forgiveness and mercy. We are determined to show how a relationship with Jesus Christ "heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds", and how "His Word is health to our flesh"... just as He says.
Addiction is now epidemic and is destroying the lives of both adults and children, taking families hostage, and ultimately killing it's victims.  It is a spiritual problem (sin) that demands a spiritual solution (Jesus Christ). Today is the day to begin to make a difference and save precious lives. Please... let's save lives together.  Will you join our campaign to sponsor someone in recovery?
QUESTIONS?  Please go to our CONTACT PAGE or Email us at
Perhaps you'd like too volunteer; if so, go to our Volunteer Page.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;
therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest tosend out laborers into his harvest.”

(Jesus, in Matthew 9:37-38)

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The Ingredients for a 7 Layer Slice of Hope
The Problem:  Addiction
The Solution:  Jesus Christ and His Word
The Process:  Our program is composed of 7 perfected layers with the carefully chosen ingredients that offer an indescribably delicious and nutrient rich slice of hope.

Our 7 Layer Recipe for Recovery is:
  1. Salvation through receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  2. Teen Challenge PSNC Curriculum - the very Finest Program available on planet earth
  3. Specialized Christian Life coaching with a touch of Mentoring
  4. Biblical Counseling
  5. Paying it Forward
  6. Godly Peer Relationships with Life Transforming Peer Activities
  7. Praise & Worship

Would you like us to cut you a slice of hope?  Please visit our CONTACT PAGE and let us know.

​To those of you challenged in recovery: Your 7 Layer Slice of Hope is waiting for you.​​​​​