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Online Faith Based Alternative Addiction Recovery From Your Home

"If the Son sets you FREE, you are FREE indeed."

At VRM, recovery is an exciting adventure that is truly transformational.

There is a Biblical alternative to Conventional rehab

Jesus, the Messiah of this world, heals for a lifetime!

If you're looking for a permanent solution rather than a temporary fix, then you've arrived at the right place! When you attend our online program, you can expect to fully recover when you do the work and continue it going forward.

We work with you Online & by Phone, with 24/7 Support. After completing your program, we extend our 24/7 support to you for as long as you need us. It's nice to know that someone is there when you need someone to talk to or pray with. We feel we are the most compassionate and comprehensive faith based recovery program available. The best part is that you don't have to interrupt your life. We become part of your faily routine as we help navigate you through a successful spiritually sound healing process.

Our Mission is to redefine addiction and take recovery through to completion. We firmly believe that you only need to recover once to be recovered for a lifetime.

The 7 Basic Components of VRM Online

1) Trained & Certified by Teen Challenge USA to teach their world famous PSNC curriculum - designed for both adults and teens alike. This program is the backbone for individualized counseling, personalized coaching and extraordinary discipleship. We are very proud to be able to integrate their program with ours. (Please note: we are not a licensed Teen Challenge Facility; however, we are sanctioned by them to teach their curriculum.)

2) Specialized Christian Life Coaching

3) Sound Biblical Counseling

4) Bible Study with an emphasis on spiritual warfare and a deeper walk with the Messiah

5) Powerful discipleship

6) Worship & Praise

7) Paying it forward

God's power in your life is how Jesus our Messiah can and does make the difference in overcoming addiction. It's by total submission to the Word of God, and living by His ways, that addiction doesn't just end, it is annihilated. This is accomplished through salvation, immersing oneself in the Bible, living Biblically, fellowshipping, and always paying it forward.

Our goal is for you to embrace God's Power in your life and how Jesus is the 'key' to overcoming your addiction, without the stigma of thinking you have some incurable disease. When fully embraced, addiction can be a thing of the past. As you're aware, too many are enslaved, tortured and disabled from addiction, and all too many needlessly die prematurely. We don't want that to happen to you! Most actually live in constant fear of relapse. Fear is not of God, neither can God lie, so when you are healed, you stay healthy and well.

Regarding  prescription drugs here in the US, we now have a growing opioid crisis that needs to be dealt with. Opioids are responsible for killing 1 American every 19 minutes, which includes both kids and adults. This sobering statistic is growing. This needs to stop. No matter what your addiction is, we believe that we offer you something refreshingly new, different and filled with hope. Your life matters and you matter to us! We have your back 24/7.

We are NOT disease theorists. The statement that addiction is a disease is NOT evidence based. It has never been prove, nor can it be. There are a lot of lies out there that you must be careful to discern. The fact remains that when you are told that you have an incurable disease, your mind becomes programmed to ongoing disability and 'relapse'. Your mind affects your body and so you believe that you can't heal and nothing changes. On the other hand, when your mind is offered hope and healing, you will  heal and move forward with a productive and satisfying life, leaving addiction in your past. With the Lord in this equation, it's a win/win!

With all of our research, experience and practical work, we believe it is worth giving VRM a chance to restore your life and make it new. You pay by a small reasonable donation on a weekly basis, so there is no long term committment. Remember that addiction takes you and your loved ones hostage. Jesus wants to set you FREE. Isn't it time to invite the Great Physician, the God of all creation, into your recovery so that you can heal for life? The Bible says, "the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God".

Will you take a moment and give us a call or send us an email? Your addiction won't and can't go away on it's own, and the first year of recovery is a very vulnerable time. I think you know that. You may have even tried to do it on your own and found out that you couldn't. Perhaps you are one of the many who have entered and re-entered the revolving door rehab madness. Your life just isn't life anymore and you are praying that someone would just make it better. We can help coach you through a victorious recovery.

Our extraordinary love for the Lord, our passion for our work, our expertise, our experience, our compassion and empathy for our clients, all work together to make VRM a success!

Your Questions ~ Our Answers

What is the  VRM  (Victory Retreat Montana) Virtual  Recovery Program?

The VRM Virtual Recovery Program is a unique, multifaceted, and specialized individualized recovery program consisting of focused life coaching, one on one Biblical counseling, Discipleship through the Teen Challenge PSNC Program (which has an 87.5% success rate), mentoring, paying it forward, and Bible study.  We call it an 'experience' and an adventure in self discovery.  We've been doing this  since 2010, working with people by phone and online.

How do I know that the VRM  Virtual Recovery Program is right for me?

If you are a born again believer, we can tell you right now that this is the program designed for you.  Included is great discipleship, deep understanding of Biblical healing, specialized and enjoyable motivational life coaching, learning more about yourself with the PSNC Teen Challenge program, Bible study, interactive lessons, and more.  Even if you are not yet  a Christian, your world will open up to you with new and exciting knowledge.  Remember that there is no 'one size fits all' in any aspect of life; however, we feel that  VRM  is the best shot you have at staying clean for a lifetime, and never having to worry about addiction again.

How much does it cost & how long will I have to attend?

The cost is by a tax deductible donation of only $60 per week until you complete your program.  Payments are interest free.  Each payment is due 24 hours prior to your next week of recovery services.  Your payments are paid via PayPal and you don't need a PayPal account to pay.  You will continue until you complete the course and graduate.  The time it takes to complete this recovery program varies from student to student. It could take anywhere from  3 months to up to  1 year - it all depends on how hard you work.  This donation amount includes all of your phone and video sessions,  and 24/7 contact by unlimited email,  text and  chat .  Study materials for the Teen Challenge PSNC curriculum is at  an additional cost, as are Bible study materials. If you are a church or other business or organization that sponsors  a client,  you will receive a 10% discount on the weekly tuition of those whom you sponsor.

Is your program covered by my insurance?

Once VRM is up and running as a physical rehab, we will be able to accept insurances.  We will then employ a staff clinical psychologist and staff nurse, as well as other services, for more 'in depth' hands on care.  As an online recovery program, we are unable to accept insurance at this time.

Why isn't VRM free for everyone?

For those who are able to afford this program, it is on a fee for service basis.  For those who cannot afford it, solutions are below in question #8.  That said, NO ONE IS TURNED DOWN DUE TO THE INABILITY TO PAY; however, proof and verification of financial need is required!    For those who are able to pay, cost equals a higher level of  accountability; when you pay for something, the value becomes far greater. 

Who will be leading VRM's recovery program and what are their backgrounds?

Bill & Dina Perkins are the ministry leaders of this program.  They are the co-founders and executive directors  of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc.

Bill  is an ordained minister who, in the past, has pastored  two churches that he planted himself. He took part in a missions trip, back in the late 90's, where he traveled from Montana to upstate New York to witness to the Jewish people. It was there, in New York, where he met his wife and where they spent the next 11 years together, until God called them back to Montana. Bill also spent time in Israel, where he volunteered and helped to build Carmel Assembly, a Messianic church. He also was privileged to be a guest preacher in churches in New York. Bill is co-founder of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, along with his wife, Dina. His passion and expertise are in the areas of the Bible and theology, and has taken part in teaching many Bible studies over the years. Bill is a certified Christian Leadership Life Coach and especially enjoys Biblical spiritual coaching. Bill is a lay Biblical counselor. His higher education years were spent at The University of Montana, Shasta College, Seattle Central Community College, and Northwest College. He majored in theology and childhood development. Bill is a Certified PSNC teacher with Teen Challenge and qualified to administer the program here at Victory Retreat Montana. Noteworthy is that Bill is an avid blogger on Biblical end times and world events.  His blog is TheBloggingHounds.com.   He also has a newer  blog at AddictionWarefare.wordpress.com.

Dina  is a retired nurse. She spent 27 years in the field and practiced in the areas of medical surgical nursing, home health care, geriatrics, drug and alcohol rehabilitation as a counselor and HIV nurse, and in various medical office environments. She had her own practice, in New York, as a non-attorney representative, analyzing cases and going to court to fight for Social Security disability benefits for eligible clients. She became certified in two areas of Christian Life Coaching as a leadership coach and as a marriage educator and coach. She especially enjoys and excels in addiction, recovery and health coaching. She also became licensed as a drug and alcohol interventionist. Dina is a lay chaplain and a lay Biblical counselor. Her higher education studies included nursing, science, and psychology where she attended Drexel University, Fordham University, Ramapo College and Englewood Hospital School of Nursing. She is a Teen Challenge  Certified PSNC teacher and is also cureently completing her certification in cognitive behavioral therapy. Dina is a faithful and avid blogger  for God, addiction, and alternative health.  You can read her blogs at: NationalAddictionNews.com ...  MyExodusOutOfAddiction.wordpress.com  ... and  VictoryRetreatMontana.wordpress.com.  Dina suffered a massive precription drug overdose in 2007 from which she was not supposed to live.  The miracle that Jesus performed with her near death gave birth to this ministry.

Get more information about Bill & Dina and this ministry on our ABOUT page.

What extras, outside of the program fee, will I need to buy?

The only extras that you will need to purchase are the materials for the Teen Challenge PSNC program plus a few other inexpensive Bible study materials, all coming to a total of between $100 to $200.  If you don't have have your own Bible and you cannot afford one, there is BibleGateway.com online which provides many, many translations free for your use.  They also provide audio Bibles in most translations should you prefer listening rather than reading.   We are currently trying to get donations of Bibles so that we can supply them to those who want their own Bible and cannot afford one.

Since you are a 501c3 non-profit corporation, will the cost for my recovery tuition be tax deductible?

The answer is absolutely YES!  Your payments become donations which are 100% tax deductible.

Do you have scholarships for those who are unable to afford even your modest fee?

At this time we don't; however, we're working on it with grant writing and seeking donations from foundations, individuals, churches, and other sources;  however, where there's a will, there's a way.  Remember how much money you once spent on drugs and/or alochol?  Now you can spend far, far less on getting better  instead of on getting high.  Please bear in mind that conventional rehabs cost anywhere between $10,000.00 per month to $180,000.00 per month!  Our program, for 3 months, is only $60 per week for 12 weeks.  It is also personalized to meet your specific needs.  At the fee we charge, I challenge you to a similar program at the same cost.     Although there are many more options, here are a few ideas that we have found that work really well for paying for your program:

PLEASE NOTE: Although no one is turned down because of the inability to pay, we require verifiable proof of you financial status.  

PayPal has a pay later payment plan that you can arrange directly with them in order to afford your  tuition. 

Some clients take out a special credit card designated specifically for the purpose of paying their tuition here.   

Another idea, which is a  win/win, is to approach your pastor, and ask if he will sponsor your program here with us at VRM.  Let him know that the church's weekly donations for your tuition are 100% tax deductible ~ due to our being a 501(c)3 Christian non-profit corporation.  We offer churches a 10% discount for sponsoring a client.  Give him our contact info so that we can speak with him on your behalf, explain our program to him, give him our credentials, and answer his questions. 

Many times family members will be so happy about your decision to enter our recovery program, that each family member will be more than happy to donate towards your program with us. If you have only 3 family members that are willing to do this, that would mean that each will have to donate only $20 each per week!  With more family members, the amount becomes  less for each person.  And... it's all tax deductible for each of them.  Another win/win.

Will you be working with me individually - one on one, or in a group?

We work with you one on one, simply because each and every person is unique and requires different things.  Groups will be coming soon for those who want them.  The groups will be in a group coaching format which will be absolutely transformational!

Is my participation confidential?

Yes, with just two exceptions.  We must ask for your next of kin with whom we can speak  if we notice any threat of suicide.  In these very rare cases, we must contact that person. This could be a parent, guardian, an adult child, sibling or spouse.  You can see why we need to do this. Life is very precious and the root causes of addiction is almost always despair. Suicide threats are all taken very seriously. Also, if you have spoken of breaking any law(s), we are obligated to contact the proper authorities.

Are you available to me 24/7 if I feel I need to have contact with you?

Yes!  We are available via text, encrypted chat, and  email  if you need us - 24/7.  On occasion, if you need an extra phone call or video consult, we can usually make ourselves available if it is within normal business hours.

Do you limit texts, chats and emails?

There are no limits to texts, chats, or emails; however video conferences and phone calls must be scheduled.  The quickest way to reach us is through texting or calling us.  You can also request a link to an encrypted chat.  As far as texts & emails, they continue for your entire lifetime - without cost.

What, if any, written work will I be doing?

The Teen Challenge PSNC Program has written lessons that, when completed, we talk about together.  They provide the basis for your counseling sessions and coaching sessions, as well as to provide an understanding of who you are and who you are capable of becoming.   It is a wonderful tool we use to get you to where you need to be.  There are also a variety of Bible study lessons you will need to complete as well. We can assure you that all written work is thought provoking, engaging, enjoyable and purposeful.

Must I be clean and sober  before participating?

YES! YES! And another YES!  Your mind and body must be detoxed, clean and sober before you can go into recovery, or nothing will make sense.  You will need a clear and clean mind for success.  If you are currently in an addiction, we also can provide a few sessions that will lead you to getting into  medically supervised detox, after which you will be able to attend VRM for your rehabilitation.

Will you be treating me with respect or will you be calling me a 'diseased addict' who will keep relapsing? I've been there, done that and it never worked.

The Recovery Team at  VRM  are all compassionate and respectful.  We do not believe in the 'disease theory' of addiction.  It has not and cannot be proven. The term 'addict' is NEVER allowed to be used  Relapse is not possible when addiction is not a disease.  Getting sober and staying sober is a choice you make by confessing it to the Lord and making a decision to follow Him and His ways.

Can I be anonymous like in some of the other recovery programs?

No, not to us.  When you register, your identity will be made known only to us, at VRM.  There can be no accountability when you are nameless, and self esteem cannot grow.  We do not permit our students to hide behind anonymity.  We are all people with identities that we should be proud of.  Once optional groups begin, then you can be made known by your first name only; no one needs to know anything more.

Must I be a born again Christian to attend your recovery program?

No; We discriminate against no one; however, you have to be open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ways of God as written in the Bible.  Our entire recovery program is based on the Holy Bible and the promises therein, along with Salvation through Jesus Christ.  

Do I need to show you proof of who I am and my age?

Yes.  We require a copy of your drivers license or state ID to keep on file. We cannot engage teens, under 18, in our program, without the express written permission of their parents or guardian. That said, we must know your age and identity.  Obtaining a copy of your drivers license or state ID is the one way we can know who you are and what your age is.

What if I miss one session or more?  Will I be reimbursed?

You must notify us at least 24 hours in advance of your next session or there will be an added penalty fee of $25 for a missed session without notice.  We work with you individually, on a one to one basis, so we set aside time just for you.  If you are a 'no show', then it takes precious time away from someone else.  If you continue to be a no show then you will not have any balance of your tuition  refunded. That said,  you will be given the opportunity to make up any missed sessions.  Whether you pay by the week or per 3 months, there are no tuition refunds issued should you quit; we do this for accountability purposes.

Okay, I want to give this a try ~ what do I do?

Send us an email  with your phone number and we will contact you with all of the details and forms to complete.  You can also phone us at 406-407-7179 or go to our  contact page.  We will get back to you in a very short window of time... most probably that same day if you contact us early enough. 

We have a family member who is in an addiction; how can you help us?

We occasionally work with families to coach them into how to handle their loved one who is addicted.  We provide coaching services for you if you need to get them into detox.  Addiction is a family problem that needs to be healed with all members of the family on the same page.

Online recovery sounds great, but I think I'd rather come to you in a residential setting; is that possible?

We're happy you asked that question because we are in the planning phase of opening what we think will be  the best physical recovery retreat on the planet!  Soon, this retreat will be a reality.  For now, however, we can accomplish just about anything you need, right here online.  If we feel you need something more, we will refer you.

What are you waiting for?  It starts with a simple choice. You can choose life or you can choose death. Time is quickly running out for all those affected by addiction.  Choose life and living it to the fullest.  Accept the opportunity for us to provide you with the Godly tools it takes to stay clean for a lifetime.  Jesus and His Word proide all that you need and we are here to help map it all out with you

What are you waiting for?

Act Now!

  Addiction recovery is a must!

  • You need to begin recovery right from detox, as the first year is a vulnerable time when you don't want to re-enter addiction again.  Waiting is too often lethal, as most will ultimately overdose without warning.
  • At VRM Online, you will be paying your donations by the week, so what's stopping you from investing one week of your life to see if this program can work for you?  There is only a week by week committment, so if you aren't happy, you just don't renew for the next week.  


The Cost

Our Super Low Cost

Your tuition, at VRM, is only a $60 tax deductable donation per week, renewable weekly until completion. Some finish in about 3 months, while others need more time. You will recover at your own pace, without any stress.  Most other recovery programs that exist today, range from between $12,000 to $60,000 for 60 to 90 days.  Obviously, we feel that we are the most affordably priced  with your highest chance for success.  Comparatively, the total for 3 months at VRM online is only $720. 

Your tuition is tax deductible because we are a Federally approved and registered 501(c)3  non-profit corporation in Montana

Our pay as you go   plan is affordable, convenient and interest free!  While we hope you don't you can stop at any time if you feel it isn't working for you, and your payments will simply end.

Please consider the extreme and potentially devastating  cost if  you do nothing about your recovery, thinking it will just 'go away' or that you are able to quit at will. 

Please go to our contact page and request your FREE consult by phone.

The Family Rescue

How to help a loved one


Families of substance abusers play an integral part in the rescue & recovery of their loved one. Families Must Intervene! Two things are certain:

1) Unless your loved one has completely hit a dangerous rock bottom that shakes them to the core of their soul, your addicted loved one will NOT want to end their addiction on their own; they simply can't. Your loved one may not be ready for recovery at all yet. He or she may require some preparations to enter detox first. You will first need to intervene at this critical time. When do you intervene? Right now! Those in addiction are overtaken by their addiction and their addiction is their comfort zone - as uncomfortable as that may be for them. They need to be rescued before they experience an accidental overdose from which they may not survive. If they don't go to detox, most will die prematurely from accidental overdose. No matter what he/she tells you, don't believe them; they won't go on their own and they can NOT do it themselves - despite what they say.

2) Once your loved one returns from detox (8 to 14 days), it is the most vulnerable time for them. It is a time when they can easily return to drugs or alcohol. They MUST enter recovery. Here's where we come in. If they are against recovery, you need to have the tools in your toolbox on how to steer them into attending recovery. It takes up to one year to fully recover. The brain goes through many changes during that year and your loved one needs help, guidance, education and support. We're here to do that for them; however, it's your job to convince the reluctant newly detoxed person to enter recovery because they still are not ready or able to make proper decisions. We can coach you through this critical time.

While it's not a disease, when addiction takes hold, it posesses one's soul and refuses to let go. It's as though your loved one has been put in a prison cell with unbendable bars and a lock to which no one has the key. It's bondage - plain and simple. As I have always said, addiction is a spiritual problem that demands a spiritual solution. The only way out is by rescue. You are dealing with someone who is NOT the person you once knew before addiction hit. This is a different person who lives to use and nothing much else matters. You can't deal with logic or rationality. You need to be tough and strong. You need to pray, and pray hard. You especially need to take action!

The addicted person lives by no moral code and has no boundaries. They function on the level of an animal after prey. They need to keep 'hunting' in order to exist and not become excrutiatingly sick from withdrawal. They go by no rhyme or reason. Unless you've been where they are, you cannot possibly understand what they're going through. Just know, that they are terrorized and wish this never happened to them. They are by no means happy; however, they'll almost always tell you that they're fine the way they are. Don't believe that for one moment!

So, what can you do? If your loved one won't enter detox on his/her own, then you need to intervene yourselves, or hire an interventionist to be the catalyst for their entering detox. While we are no longer doing interventions, we can coach you through the difficult task of how to help your loved one. 

We're here to answer your questions. Contact us today!

Talking on the phone and having a conversation costs you nothing.  We're here to answer your questions and concerns.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Donations to this ministry, Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, are 100% tax deductable, and they help save the lives of both teens and adults who want to put their addiction in their past to have a changed new life.  We are a registered 501(c)3 with the US Federal Government and the state of Montana.

Your donations help pay for tuition, supplies and books required in our program for those who otherwiseould not afford it.

Each $60 donation supports  one week's fees for one person in recovery.  It takes 12 or more weeks to complete the program.  This includes one on one coaching, Biblical counseling, being taught and counselled through the Teen Challenge PSNC course - online and by phone -  along with 24/7 support via text, chat & email.

Alternatively, your donation of only $200 will pay for one person's Teen Challenge PSNC program materials, a Bible, and all of the necessary Bible study books.

The above donation amounts are only suggested.  We appreciate even $5.  When you click our paypal donation link,  you can just fill in the amount you can donate.

Thank you & God bless!


Stay Informed!

Sign up to receive monthly addiction updates and find out more about what we're doing. You'll only receive one newsletter per month. We never sell or give your contact information to anyone.

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Help This Ministry Thrive and Continue to Grow

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals, provide scholarships to people who need to enter our program,  grow our ministry into having a mobile outreach and residential rehab, and help bring awareness and healing to the opioid crisis in our country.  We need your support to bring the hope and healing of the Messiah Jesus to everyone affected by addiction, in this country, the world and the state of Montana. Your generous donations will see our mission through. All donations are 100% Tax Deductible, as we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. Please don't wait until another person dies; we are currently up to losing one American adult or child every 12.5 minutes of accidentall and preventable opioid overdose.  We urge you to help us help them.  Please make a difference by your donations.  This ministry isn't about us or you... it's about them. We are all accountable to our God for everything we say and do while here on earth.

 Thank you and God bless you.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Please understand that we are a Biblically based non-clinical spiritual healing alternative to conventional rehab. We are not a replacement for medical or psychiatric care that you may require. We function as a highly qualified addiction and recovery ministry outreach - not a licensed conventional medical rehab or detox facility.