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A Recovery Program Designed for Any & ALL Ages!  
Addiction is no respector of age.
With addictive Rx drugs, there are many senior citizens affected.
With Dangerous Addictive Rx Drugs being Overprescribed,
the Face of Addiction has Radically Changed to Include Anyone.

by telling you that you have some theorized disease,
or that your recovery will never end, or that you will relapse, or that you need 12 steps,
or that you need a sponsor!  Of those that subscribe to those lies, only 1%-4% ever recover.  
Wouldn't you rather be a winner than a loser in the war against your addiction?  You can!  
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No Steps!    No Disease Theories!   No Disrespect!    No Sponsors!   No Labels!   No Condemnation!     

With Jesus Christ, you CAN go from Recovery to Being FULLY Recovered so that you can Move Forward with your Life!!

Pray, then Pay it Forward
It's a known fact that addiction, at some point during your life, will affect you or a loved one!

You Can Help Us Help Them!  
Today, w ill you sponsor someone in recovery?

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There's a lot of pain in this world and it's hard to decide what types of missions to give your hard earned money to.  The thing is that addiction is now the #1 cause of accidental death and the 'go to' solution for people in despair.  It needs to be dealt with in better ways than the ways in which it currently is being handled.  Addiction affects YOU - directly and/or indirectly.  It is a community problem, not a personal or private one.  We ALL need to pitch in to make this go away.​​

Our least favorite activity, but one that we must constantly perform in order to keep moving forward, is raising money for our mission. Without ongoing funding, we cannot help anyone.  That's just the plain fact.  We provide FREE tuition through your generous donations to all who come to us and cannot afford our program.  The cost for each program participant is $1,250... a modest fee compared to other recovery programs; however, many don't have it.  People need to be given the chance for recovery and we feel the best chance for them is with us.

Aside from tuition, we are also in need of many things to begin the retreat so that we can get it up and running.  Should you prefer your donation go toward start-up costs, just let us know and we will budget your donation for that.  We are happy to use your generosity in any way that you would like us to.  Just let us know.

DONATE FOR THE KIDS:  Although the two children above are just models to make a point for our cause, they actually do represent hundreds of thousands of kids across the US and many are right here in Montana - who are truly broken in spirit from their parents' addictions.  They have lost all hope and know no security.  Drugs and alcohol are so evil and powerful that they become so much more important to parents than their children are.  These are all God's kids and someone has to be accountable and step in.  We're here to partner with you to do just that. Together, we can create a better world for families.

DONATE TO SAVE MARRIAGES:  If you think marriages aren't affected by addiction, think again.  It takes a super special kind of person who will stand by their addicted spouse.  When both people in a marriage suffer from addiction, the decline is explosive. We believe in the holiness of marriage.  It takes a great deal of effort to keep a good marriage going, much less one that is affected by addiction.  They need our help! God honors marriage and we are here to strengthen the marriages that God has ordained.

DONATE TO SAVE BROKEN LIVES:  Addiction is a symptom of despair.  Jesus "came to heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds".  If we are to carry forward the work of the Lord, as He asks us to do, then we need to help those who have fallen to addiction.  What we do to help people, is the same as if we were doing it directly for Him (see Matthew 25).

​As you can see below, addiction isn't pretty, happy or fun, and and we're so sorry that we have to bring you these pictures.  Addiction destroys and ultimately kills it's victims. It's in the streets... the workplace... at home... at school... at parties... and it's everywhere that people are.  It lurks around every corner.  There's a better way to cope with the challenges that come with life. We know we have the solution.  Help us to administer that solution by your donation - small or large.  Addiction is getting worse and more people are dying.  Help us give them a better chance in life. 

​​DONATE TO SAVE LIVES... AND SOULS:  Let's face it, the scenes below are how and where it ends unless we intervene with something new and better. Let's work together to stop burying our kids and adults in Montana - before their time.  Together, with Jesus Christ, we can solve this and make a HUGE difference in peoples' lives, attitudes and future.  We can also save souls!  Please give from your heart today.  The time is now.  Every 19 minutes, another child or adult dies from a fatal prescription drug overdose.  Waiting is too often lethal.

Please help us raise up this work of God, by donating your one time or monthly gift.

We thank you from our hearts and from the hearts of people we help and serve!  May the Lord richly bless you!

Please consider sponsoring someone in recovery today!

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