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Addiction is no respector of age. With addictive Rx drugs, there are many senior citizens affected.
With Dangerous Addictive Rx Drugs being Overprescribed,
the Face of Addiction has Radically Changed to Include Anyone.

​​DON'T LET ONE MORE PERSON LIE TO YOU by telling you that you have some theorized disease, or that your recovery will never end, or that you will relapse, or that you need 12 steps, or that you need a sponsor!  Of those that subscribe to those lies, only 1%-4% ever recover.  Wouldn't you rather be a winner than a loser in the war against your addiction?  You can!  Call us Today to find out how! Please don't delay one more second. ​We'll help you get to where you need to be with ease! 
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With Jesus Christ, you CAN go from Recovery to Being FULLY Recovered so that you can Move Forward with your Life!!

Help People in Recovery Whle Helping Yourself by Choosing Organic & Non-Toxic for your Physical, Financial & Spiritual Health 



Health Coaching is part of treatment here at Victory Retreat Montana.  Why?  It's because what you eat balances your mind, soul and body.  Our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and must be treated as uch.  Better physical health means better emotional and spiritual health.  Eliminating all of the toxins from non-organic products is huge to healing. Processed foods, sugar, bad carbs, and obesity contribute greatly to ill health and lower cognitive functioning.  That said, we show our clients how eating right builds stamina, endurance and mental functioning... all which contribute to a a more balanced mind.  Also, anything used on our body, via personal care products, has to be organic as well because our skin is the biggest organ of our bodies and absorbs whatever we use on it.

About 10 years ago, Dina and I made radical changes to our lifestyle.  We began eating organic and non-GMO foods and using only organic non-GMO supplements.  We also changed everything we used for personal care, to make sure that we didn't introduce any toxins to our bodies topically. The results were dramatic!  We both experienced a 180 degree turn for the positive in our health.  We figured that we could either continue eating the same things we were always eating and pay the doctor, the pharmacist and the hospital, OR, we could spend a little more for organic and non-gmo and be healthy.  As it turned out, the organic route came out a great deal less expensive and we can now tell you that we are totally healthy and happy and have money left over at the end of each month.

Our passion for better health through going organic cause me to become a distributor for, what I consider the best organic company on the planet.  There are organic choices for products that fuel our bodies and those that we use everyday for personal care. They help their distributors to become successful in so many ways and are looking for people who’d like to work from home, full or part time. They provide amazing free online training and they allow us to set our own schedule. I’m able to earn $100 per initial order, a large percentage on what all the newer executives produce, and I’m even able to engage in profit sharing. Full timers earn a lot more.

 If you’re good with people, insist on everything organic, entrepreneurial, or consider yourself someone who deserves more in life than you have now, you are someone who would be a great fit!  If you're open to viewing this high-commissions, part-time project, then please watch the video, at ; then, after the 10 minutes you spend watching that video, contact me or go to our personal site at:  to create your new online business and buy wholesale, or just purchase your organic products at retail. It is our hope, however, that you join the business which gives you wholesale pricing and a future!   Either way, you’re a winner with your health.

After viewing the videos below, please go to my site at:  Should you decide to join this amazing company with me, or just purchase the finest organic products on the planet.  Please be sure to use my name, William H Perkins, along with my ID #100055704, so that I can receive proper credit and get paid.  This business helps fund our ministry, which helps us to help people in recovery to successfully recover.

Thank you & God bless!

Bill Perkins

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