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A Place of Refuge & a Gateway of Hope for Full Addiction Recovery 
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A Recovery Program Designed for Any & ALL Ages!  
Addiction is no respector of age. With addictive Rx drugs, there are many senior citizens affected.
With Dangerous Addictive Rx Drugs being Overprescribed,
the Face of Addiction has Radically Changed to Include Anyone.

​​DON'T LET ONE MORE PERSON LIE TO YOU by telling you that you have some theorized disease, or that your recovery will never end, or that you will relapse, or that you need 12 steps, or that you need a sponsor!  Of those that subscribe to those lies, only 1%-4% ever recover.  Wouldn't you rather be a winner than a loser in the war against your addiction?  You can!  Call us Today to find out how! Please don't delay one more second. ​We'll help you get to where you need to be with ease! 
Let's schedule a no-cost, confidential, no obligation call, and have a  rational, honest and  safe talk! Let's take the first step together in getting your life and family back.

No Steps!    No Disease Theories!   No Disrespect!    No Sponsors!   No Labels!   No Condemnation!     

With Jesus Christ, you CAN go from Recovery to Being FULLY Recovered so that you can Move Forward with your Life!!

We are NOT conventional to anything out there.  We are THE FAITH BASED ALTERNATIVE!

We are a specialized faith based Christian retreat purposed for
the healing, renewal and transformation of the mind, soul and body!​





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Isn't it time
to take a chance
on a full recovery?

It is our opinion , based on years of our own research and experience, that addiction is a symptom and effect of emotional trauma, physical suffering and pain, and brokenness. During the time of active substance abuse, there are visible brain changes that can be seen on certain types of brain scans; however, these brain changes are active DURING the addiction - not before and not after. That demands a moment of pause for thought and reflection on whether or not a behavior is a disease. We don't subscribe to the disease theory of addiction.

VRM Replacement Methodology is the term we use to describe the way we execute the transformational journey to help you find your true purpose and meaning in life. We 'replace' your addiction with Jesus. We lead you down a path towards God and Renewal. We coach you into understanding and realizing what attainable goals you would like to reach; then, together we make it happen. A great coach is a catalyst for change! We elevate your self esteem, we guide you toward self improvement, you will learn new values, and you will embrace a belief system that is transformational. We put you on the road to a destination of genuine healing when you use all the new things you've learned. Victory Retreat Montana calls this adventure of self discovery, VRM Replacement Methodology, because you learn to REPLACE your former addiction with God and and His Word. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, there is no room left for addictive behaviors to get in the way. Can temptation tap you on the shoulder? Of course it can! Our nature is to sin; however, we know that when a person gets saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, "greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world". So, fighting temptation becomes a battle you can turn over to the Lord... releasing you from easily yielding to sin (addiction) again.

Message Therapy refers to our form of spiritual 'therapy' that feeds you God's Word (Message) and trains you in discipleship. You will be given the tools for living God's way. When you are 'in recovery', the expectation is always that you will recover. What you need is to be truly saved and properly discipled for the strength to overcome addiction and live a life of freedom. Once properly discipled, a transformation, by the renewing of the mind, takes place. We work hard with you to help you accomplish this. It's a supernatural journey that ends with the end of a lifetime of addiction... as long as Biblical protocols are followed.

Teen Challenge PSNC Studies: While we are not a licensed Teen Challenge Facility, we will be integrating the world famous Teen Challenge PSNC curriculum at VRM. I'ts NOT just for teens! It's for everyone and is a highly successful and respected program. We are Teen Challenge PSNC Certified Teachers, and very blessed to be able to administer their program at VRM.

Does our methodology work for everyone? It can, but it doesn't, simply because not everyone has the commitment to serve God in the way we need to. Outcomes with anything we do in life, must align with our sincere commitment in order to have success. Christ is the Great Physician, and healing comes through Him. For some, it's an immediate miracle... as it was for Dina, our co-founder. For others, it's a process that happens over time, as the foundational elements of our methodology are learned, experienced, and practiced. Faith must be birthed, grown and enabled to reach higher and higher levels of maturity. Renewal takes time and personal application takes work.

We present to you the Ingredients for a 7 Layer Slice of Hope
The Problem:  Addiction
The Solution:  Jesus Christ and His Word
The Process:  Our program is composed of 7 perfected layers with the carefully chosen ingredients that offer an indescribably delicious and nutrient rich slice of hope.

Our 7 Layer Recipe for Recovery is:

  1. Salvation through receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  2. Teen Challenge PSNC Curriculum - the very Finest Program available on planet earth
  3. Specialized Christian Life coaching with a touch of Mentoring
  4. Biblical Counseling
  5. Paying it Forward
  6. Godly Peer Relationships with Life Transforming Peer Activities
  7. Praise & Worship​​​​